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90 second intro to scrible Student Edition
The Student Edition of scrible is a free upgrade for students
that adds the sweet features shown below.

Citations and Bibliographies

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Capture citations in a snap and create bibliographies with a
single click.

Summaries and Reports

Reports 66d3f05410bd8a07d27c5e0ac3b7806f26bf0978a7d8d78d14348777866bcfb4

Compile your annotations from multiple articles into a simple summary or robust report.



Use 250 MB of space to save your articles (Invite others to earn even more storage).


Libraries 171f3487c238639f48082f678b6df367416d9848cdc6bc713950cca6b1826eee

Collaborate with others by inviting them to group, topic or project specific Libraries.

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