See below for a tour of scrible’s key features, based on an example of someone researching vehicle safety online.

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Text Annotation screenshot

Richly annotate web pages with multiple styles & colors.

Highlight, color, bold, underline, italicize and strikethrough text to flag critical passages and parts of a web page.

Use the variety of text stylings and a rich 32 color palette to emphasize distinct types of excerpts differently.

Notes Annotation screenshot

Add your thoughts right on web pages with sticky notes.

Capture critical comments in sticky notes that anchor to particular parts of a web page.

This association creates a clear visual connection between your comments and the web page content they reference.

Use the rich 32 color palette to color code comments by category.

Legend screenshot

Categorize your annotations with dynamic legends.

Categorize your annotations by type and color with smart legends that automatically track the kinds of annotations you use on a web page.

Use these legends to apply clever mark up strategies that organize your annotations by topic.

Share screenshot

Easily share your marked web pages with others by email.

Share your annotated web research with one or more compadre, colleague or client by email.

You can include accompanying comments for context.

When your recipients receive email notification, they'll see your comments and a link to your annotated web page.

Save & Tag screenshot

Save your critical web research to an online account.

Simply save your annotated web research to your own online personal Library, which is accessible via any browser on any computer at any time.

When saving, you can apply tags to each page in order to "file" it by topic.

Your tags are intelligently suggested to you from your existing list of tags as you type.

personal Library screenshot

Organize, search and retrieve your saved web research.

Your personal Library provides an intuitive and robust system to manage your saved web pages.

Powerful search functionality enables you to quickly and precisely find just the right items when you need them.

The tags you use to organize web pages by topic are presented and managed in a simple interface.

Those tags can be easily applied or removed from one or more pages at a time.

The pages are presented in a list that can be easily reordered using sortable columns.

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