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A bookmarklet is a bookmarked link that, when clicked, adds functionality to your browser. When the scrible Bookmarklet is clicked, it loads the scrible Toolbar atop the current webpage you're viewing. Follow the instructions below to add the scrible Bookmarklet to mobile Safari on your iPad. Don't worry. It looks more complicated than it is.

Mobile Safari

  1. First, let's ensure your iPad's Safari settings are as follows:
    1. "Always Show Bookmarks Bar" is "ON".
    2. "JavaScript" is "ON".
    iPad Safari Settings dialog
  2. Next, let’s add a basic bookmark.
    1. Within Safari, tap on the "Safari add bookmark button" icon
    2. From the menu items that appear, tap "Add Bookmark".
      iPad Safari send drop down menu
    3. Set the bottom field to "Bookmarks Bar" to add the new bookmark to your Bookmarks Bar.
      iPad Safari add bookmark dialog
    4. Tap the blue "Save" button.
  3. Now, let's modify the added bookmark so it can activate the scrible Toolbar.
    1. Copy the Javascript below by tapping on the text, then long pressing on it and then tapping "Select all" and "Copy" in the context menus that follow.
    2. Tap the book icon to open your list of bookmarks.
    3. Navigate to the "Bookmarks Bar" entries.
    4. Tap the "Edit" button.
    5. Tap the "scrible Toolbar" bookmark you just added.
    6. Tap in the second field and click "" to clear out the existing URL.
    7. In that same field, paste the Javascript you copied earlier by long pressing and then tapping "Paste" in the context menu that appears.
    8. Tap the "Bookmarks Bar" back button.
    9. Tap the blue "Done" button.
  4. To test the Toolbar, navigate to a webpage you want to annotate and tap the:
    1. "scrible Toolbar" link/button on your Bookmarks Bar, or
    2. book icon to reveal your bookmarks and then "scrible toolbar".
That's it!
try it now. scrible is simple and free!